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Work Comp Doctors in Orange County

Sustaining an injury at work can make your life very difficult. The injuries may make it impossible to continue working or you may have to go part time, so receiving first rate workers comp medical treatment may make the difference in reducing your pain substantially and permitting you to start working again.

The California Pain Network’s Orange County doctors provide premier Orange County Workmans Compensation treatment. They participate in an extensive amount of Medical Provider Networks (MPN’s) and include:

  • Orange County Pain Management Doctors – offering medication management and interventional pain treatments.
  • Chiropractic – adjustments, TENS Units, spinal decompression therapy and physiotherapy.
  • Spine Doctors – back & neck pain doctors including neurosurgeons & orthopedic spine surgeons.
  • Orthopedic surgeons – extremity surgeons, hand surgeons,  spine surgeons, sports medicine,joint replacement, Qualified Medical Examiners.
  • Psychology
  • Internal Medicine doctors


The Workmans Compensation medical providers in Orange County can help reduce your pain significantly and get you back to work. Also, these medical practices are experts at the administrative paperwork necessary to easily process your claim. This is for both a Federal Workers Compensation (OWCP claim) or California Workers Compensation.

Let our doctors take away the frustration of having to deal with both the painful injury and also the excessive paperwork that goes along with it. The CA Pain Network doctors handle both aspects of your Workers Compensation claim – hassle free!

So if you are suffering from an injury at work and need a California or Federal Workers compensation claim handled in the Orange County or Long Beach area, let the California Pain Network be your comprehensive provider.

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