How to deal with neuropathic pain

04 Nov How to deal with neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain is one form of chronic pain, which actually occurs in our body due to any kind of sudden tissue injury. People suffering from neuropathic pain have their nerve damaged, dysfunctional and injured. These damaged fibers send wrong signals to other pain centers throughout the body. The impact of the nerve fiber includes a drastic change in the function of nerve at both the injury site and areas surrounding the injury.

At our pain management clinics in Orange County CA, we have been dealing with various forms of neuropathic pain and once typical example, which we could explain here, is phantom limb syndrome. It is a rare case where a leg or an arm is amputated due to illness or injury, but brain still receives pain signal from nerves that carried impulses from the missing limb. These nerves misfire and cause tremendous pain.

Basic causes of neuropathic pain


Why does such type of pain occur? At our hub in Orange County CA, our doctors explain the common causes of neuropathic pain. Some of them are –

    • Too much of alcohol consumption
    • Amputation
    • Back, leg and hip problems
    • Facial nerve problems
    • HIV /AIDS
    • People suffering from multiple sclerosis
    • Spine surgeries
    • Shingles (a viral infection that causes harmful rashes)

How do we know that a patient is suffering from Neuropathic pain?


Generally, a patient suffering from neuropathic pain shows anyone of the pain symptoms stated below or at times, they might show both the symptoms. This may include

      • Shooting and irritation pain
      • Numbness and tingling

How we diagnose neuropathic pain at our pain management clinic?


In order to diagnose whether a patient is suffering from neuropathic pain or not, we take a formal interview and the get into physical exams. Doctors at our clinic ask the patients to describe the pain, how it occurs and is there any special pain trigger. The doctors at times might suggest blood and nerve tests together.


How will you treat or deal with neuropathic pain?


At pain management orange county CA, we have been researching vigorously and thus we suggest the use of-

      • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aleve or Motrin to reduce the pain and some people might need a strong painkiller, might be those containing morphine.
      • You can use anticonvulsant and antidepressant
      • If you have diabetes along with this pain, a better management can definitely alleviate the pain. Your nerve damage can be restricted with effective management and administration.

In case any medication does not work, you must consult a pain specialist and may use an invasive or implantable device to manage the pain. If you can gain electrical stimulation on the nerves, it will significantly decrease the impact of pain on your nerves.

Some of the popular treatments for neuropathic pain are –

      • Physical therapy
      • Consulting a counselor
      • Relaxation therapy
      • Massage therapy
      • Acupuncture

Now have a multidisciplinary approach to get myriad of solution for any type of health issues.

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