Meditation as a miracle for chronic pain

21 Sep Meditation as a miracle for chronic pain

People suffering from chronic pain can gain much relief through meditation. But people other than opting for natural remedies, generally choose other methods to get instant relief from pain. Chronic pain is a condition like diseases such as hypertension or diabetes where it is very much essential to learn self control. There are certain techniques which require advice of experts and professionals. Patients can also take advice from a specialist who can help them reduce their pain through natural techniques such as applying heat or cold, muscle relaxation exercises, relaxation, exercise, acupuncture, imagery exercises and hypnotherapy etc. But there is also another method which can provide you relief not only from chronic pain but can help in reducing your stress and help you build a healthy mind. That is meditation.

Daily meditation is an excellent method of fighting chronic pain. Meditation for pain relief helps in reducing your sensitivity to pain thus helping your body to relax. As there are different types of meditation techniques, you have to find out which meditation style is perfect for you.


Types of Meditation


Therapists in pain management clinics suggest patients about various types of meditation techniques, which includes concentration meditation, mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, and other types of movement meditations. After learning all these type of techniques in therapy, you can also do it at home without the presence of the therapist.

Walking meditation :  If meditation is done on daily basis, it can provide relief from chronic pain. In walking meditation, you need to concentrate on your body movements only.

Mindfulness meditation : It is regarded as the best relief for pain. The  technique helps in removing bad thoughts and makes the mind fresh. Researchers believe that by focusing on your breath for a long time helps you to divert your mind from the pain in order to make it manageable. Mindfulness meditation has worked wonders in treating chronic pain such as headache, low back pain, chest pain, and gastrointestinal pain.

Concentration meditation : It helps the patient to concentrate on a bodily process, a stimulus, or a word passively.

Transcendental meditation : In this method patients generally focus on a particular type of sound or a mantra. Mostly people who are suffering from arthritis can go for transcendental meditation.  It is better to perform this type of meditation in morning and evening by sitting with closed eyes in a relaxed manner for  10 to 15 minutes.

Yoga : It is one of the meditations that help patients to get relief from chronic pain. Patients with chronic pain often feel frustrated with their lives. This technique can surely prove to be helpful.

 Guide for using meditations as an effective means of pain relief


1. Minutely notice where the pain is, how do you feel and how your body is reacting to it.

2. Concentrate on your present. Concentrate on your breathing. You can concentrate on your inhaling and exhaling .

3. Develop interest.

4. Repeat any type of meditation on daily basis in order to get effective results.

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