Self Help Healthy Tips – Living with Chronic pain

11 Sep Self Help Healthy Tips – Living with Chronic pain

First of all, what do you mean by chronic pain? Generally, a chronic pain is some kind of physical pain that you are living with for a prolonged time, like more than three months. It can be an unexplained shoulder pain, back pain or a post surgical pain. What can do in such a situation?

Several clinics for pain management have popped up recently and they have been spreading awareness regarding useful self help tips to get rid of chronic pains. You can read and research to know what you can do to reduce chronic pain even when there is no anatomical evidence of its origin. When the doctors tell you that you don’t have any anatomical issue whatsoever, these self help tips can really be of great help to release you of a chronic pain.

Experienced doctors have been pondering over the benefits of mediation in getting rid of chronic pains. If you are already aware of the inherent benefits of meditation and relaxed breathing, you will know what is being implied here. Mediation can surely help you to relax your muscles and soothe your breathing to reduce pain. Moreover, mediation has other advantages like:

  • Reducing chances of heart diseases,
  • Putting away negative feelings by relaxing your mind and
  • Help you to get rid of stress that acts as a catalyst to pain.

Many pain management clinics have also laid stress on the fact that practicing mediation in the early hours of each morning helps to increase your productivity and keep you energized all throughout the day. So much out of a simple exercise of relaxed breathing!

Sometimes many doctors do not seem to diagnose the cause of a chronic pain like a fractured bone or an injured muscle. In such circumstances, the following self help tips can help you to get rid of the pain yourself:

  • Practice slow and deep breathing exercise. When we are in pain, the natural tendency is to take small puffs of air into our lungs which in turn increase our pain. Instead, sit straight and take deep breaths for some time. Yes, this is tried and tested method to reduce chronic pains.
  • Reduce stress in your life and stop being anxious about little things. This will, in turn help you to live a painless life. Stress and anxiety triggers any kind of pain, be it headache or anything else.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercising your muscles might cause them to ache for the initial few days but you will soon get used to it and in the long run you will definitely benefit from it.

Some of the reputed doctors advice their patient to practice yoga and some free hand exercise regularly to remove toxic chemicals from your body and release endorphins. This not only enlightens your mood but also your life on the whole. The reputed clinics all over the world emphasize on the benefits of positive thinking and a tension free mind which they say helps to reduce pain. Be calm and try to smile through your difficulties. You will reap benefits soon.

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