Lumbar Sympathetic Block Treatment at Pain Clinic Orange County

07 Jul Lumbar Sympathetic Block Treatment at Pain Clinic Orange County

What is a lumbar sympathetic block?

A lumbar sympathetic block involves injecting local anesthetics into or around yoursympathetic nervesthat are a part of your sympathetic nervous system. Located on either side of the spine, around the lower part of your back, these nerves are responsible for controlling basic functions such as blood circulation. They are also carriers of pain signals to the spinal cord.

What does this procedure achieve?


This procedure is used to block these sympathetic nerves which travel to the leg on the side which is injected. This helps to reduce swelling, pain, and discomfort that can take place in the legs. This all helps to improve mobility in this area. The lumbar sympathetic block is typically administered in cases of shingles, CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), sympathetic maintained pain, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The lumbar sympathetic block can be used to treat other diseases too including neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease.

What is the duration of the procedure?

The actual injection for the lumbar sympathetic block takes between ten and thirty minutes.


What does the injection contain?

With the lumbar sympathetic block a local numbing agent or anesthetic is injected and in some cases your pain doctor Orange County will include a steroid medication to help prolong the beneficial effects.


Will the procedure be painful?

This procedure requires a long needle be injected through the skin and the deeper tissue which is the main source of any pain or discomfort felt by patients. Thankfully there are local anesthetics administered to the affected area prior to the lumbar sympathetic block procedure which help to alleviate this discomfort. Some patients at pain clinics will have additional sedation to make the process more bearable. Sedative quantity is based on the tolerance of each patient. Some patients may not recall anything because of the amount of sedation.

How is the process performed?


The lumbar sympathetic block is performed at Pain clinic Orange County with the patient lying on their stomach. The patient will be hooked up to an oxygen and blood pressure monitoring device, and anEKG in order to monitor their vitals throughout the process. . The area is first sterilized using an antiseptic and then the exact source of the problem is located. Once this is done a dye test is done to make sure that the proper needle placement will actually reach the affected area. Once this is confirmed, the doctor injects the medication. If the area affected is larger, multiple injections may be necessary.

What can be expected after the procedure?


Directly after the lumbar sympathetic block, there could be warmth and there could be temporary weakness in the leg. Bring someone else to take you home and only perform activities which are tolerable for the first two days. The medication should begin to take hold after a day or two.

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