Adult Scoliosis Treatment With Orange County Pain Management Doctors

04 Jul Adult Scoliosis Treatment With Orange County Pain Management Doctors

Adult scoliosis


Scoliosis is a curve in part of the spine which is normally straight and resting in a vertical line. If you look at someone affected by scoliosis from the side you will see that their spine shows a mild roundness inside of the upper back and a form of inward curve at the lower back. The most common form of scoliosis is present at birth and it can be inherited. But other types can affect people during their growth years. Some signs that an adult may be suffering from scoliosis include uneven shoulders, and uneven waste, leaning to one side, or one prominent shoulder blade.

Diagnosis includes an examination of the bone and an x-ray to evaluate how severe the curve is.

Treatment for adult scoliosis can include back braces but in the most severe cases surgery may be needed to permanently fused together some of the vertebrae.

What are the causes?

There are many causes of scoliosis. The most common cause of scoliosis is congenital which means it is present at birth. Another cause is neuromuscular scoliosis which results from abnormal muscles or abnormal nerves. This is something typically seen in people who suffer from diseases that result in or are accompanied by paralysis. An adult who is rendered paralyzed by an accident could suffer eventually from adult scoliosis. Degenerative scoliosis can take place after a traumatic illness or injury has damaged the bone and caused it to collapse. Someone who had back surgery previously or who suffers from osteoporosis could suffer from degenerative scoliosis in their adult years.
Scoliosis is not as prominent among adults as it is among children. On average 2% of Americans have scoliosis by the age of 16. Less than .1% of that figure or surgery. Generally girls are more likely to be affected than boys.

How was scoliosis diagnosed?

There are some clues which can be looked for by adults especially those who recently suffered from an illness to the bone or an injury to the bone. If any of these signs presented themselves a visit to the Orange County pain management doctors can result in a screening exam and x-ray to evaluate how severe the curve is.

What is the treatment for adults going this is?

Treatment can include a brace. Braces are ideal for people whose bones might be maturing or regrowing after a severe injury. The purpose of the brace is to stop any further progression of the curve. It can offer a temporary correction but once the bracing is illuminated the curve will typically assume its original magnitude.

Surgery is a second option for those whose condition is severe. The goal of surgery is to prevent the curve from getting worse but it does not straighten find perfectly. During this procedure metallic implants are used to hold the correct position in the spine and correct some of their curvature until a bone graft can consolidate the area permanently. The bone graft is placed into the spine at the time of the surgery and with recovery it will consolidate and create a fusion to that region. In many cases of scoliosis surgery the vertebrae have to be fused together permanently in a procedure called spinal fusion.

Some studies indicate that electric stimulation as well as exercise programs do not provide any benefits in the prevention or treatment of scoliosis. However it is still recommended that adults who suffer from scoliosis remain active and fit to the best of their abilities.

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