4 Types Of Chronic Foot Pain Your Pain Clinic Can Help You With

30 Oct 4 Types Of Chronic Foot Pain Your Pain Clinic Can Help You With

The human foot is both complex and functional. It has to withstand a lot of stress each and every day, and often becomes damaged or diseased, causing pain and decreased range of motion. Because our feet are so susceptible to problems, foot pain is actually common. Most foot problems can be healed using conservative treatments. However, some foot problems are best treated in a pain clinic using more advanced treatment options.

Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome:

The personal nerve passes under the top of the ankle. When this nerve is compressed, it causes the condition called anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome. The compression that can cause this problem can come from a variety of sources, such as wearing shoes that are too small, but most often occurs because of trauma or injury to the top of the patient’s foot.

The symptoms one sees with this condition include numbness, pain, and a tingling sensation located at the top of the affected foot. These sensations may also radiate to the patient’s first two toes. Pain clinic experts often treat this condition with advice to the patient to wear the correct size of shoe, inclusion of orthotics; in some cases the ankle may need to splinted. Steroid injections or nerve blocks may be needed in extreme cases.

Posterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome:

Posterior tarsal tunnel syndrome is caused when the posterior tibial nerve is compressed. This nerve is found on the inside of the foot, just below the ankle. Those who suffer from this condition often tell the pain clinic that they experience numbness, pain, and tingling located on the bottom of their foot. In some cases, these sensations may move to the ankle.

This condition is often caused by some form of injury to the patient’s ankle. The injury can include fractures, dislocations, or crushing injuries. Pain clinic treatment for posterior tarsal tunnel syndrome most often includes having the patient wear support and special orthotics.

Achilles Tendinitis:

When the Achilles tendon becomes irritated or inflamed it results in the condition known as Achilles tendinitis. This irritation is often caused by some form of smallinjuryto the Achilles tendon. This condition is common in those who play certain sports such astennis, running, or basketball. A tendon not stretched properly can also result in Tendinitis.

Those who have this condition often report to the pain clinic that they have pain that is severe and constant. Treatment from a pain clinic includes orthotics for the patient’s shoes and physical therapy. If the condition is not treated properly and immediately, it can worsen to the point where surgery is required.


Metatarsalgia refers to pain that is located in the ball of the patient’s foot. It is caused by inflammation, and is often seen in those who do long-distance running or jogging. It may even be caused by improperly fitted shoes.

Those who have this condition complain of local pain located at the ball of the person’s foot. They often tell pain clinic doctors that it feels as if they are walking on a stone. Pain clinic treatment for metatarsalgia often includes NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications), physical therapy, and, in some cases, temporary immobilization of the foot.

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