Pain Relief With Acupuncture

20 Feb Pain Relief With Acupuncture

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world suffer from pain that never seems to cease. Chronic pain can make life unbearable. Modern medication is one way to combat pain, but acupuncture is a treatment which also shows strong results. Acupuncture has been consistently shown in studies to be better than placebo in the treatment of pain, but the underlying reason is largely unknown. Acupuncture has seen a sharp increase in use in the US, with over 10 million acupuncture treatments administered each year.

What Is Acupuncture?

With acupuncture tiny needles are inserted into the pressure points of the body. Some people are swayed from acupuncture because of this fact alone; however it is not a painful procedure at all. Treatments last from 10-60 minutes on average.

Acupuncture can be used to treat many types of pain, but not all. There is no evidence that acupuncture can treat cancer or strokes. Many people use it to treat various levels of back pain, but it also works well on headaches, joint pain, neck pain and many others. It is shown to be particularly effective at treating the pain caused by peripheral osteoarthritis.

Acupuncture is an important part of Chinese medicine, and has been used for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest health practices in the world. This, unfortunately, has led to acupuncture being viewed as an unscientific method of pain management.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Over 3000 studies have been performed on acupuncture and its effectiveness. With the tiny needles inserted into the pressure points of the body the circulation and blood flow both increase. It is generally considered safe for all people, but you do need to inform your doctor if you have any medical problems or take any medications, prescription or otherwise.

3 Million People a Year Use Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Many studies have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture for pain relief, and while the results have been mixed, there is strong evidence that concludes that acupuncture may produce equal or greater benefits than some of the pain procedures used by the traditional physician. Studies conclude that acupuncture is beneficial to the relief of pain.

More than three million people per year use acupuncture for pain relief, and many of those people are those who were unable to find relief through other methods. Although needles and facilities that provide acupuncture are monitored by the FDA, an individual does not necessarily need to be a medical doctor to perform acupuncture. This is another benefit for many people as the costs are far less than what would be spent making visits to the doctor, but one must do one’s due diligence on the practice.

The Bottom Line

Acupuncture is safe for most people and highly effective in the elimination of a wide variety of pain. Whether you are someone concerned with the risks of medications, scared and worried about surgery or simply want a better way to find relief, acupuncture is a viable option, particularly when used in tandem with other pain management techniques.

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