10 Chiropractic Myths Debunked

31 Jan 10 Chiropractic Myths Debunked

Over the years, myths seem to take on a life of their own and eventually become quoted as truths. The same is true with these 10 chiropractic myths – it’s time to debunk these myths.

Myth #1 Chiropractic adjustments can be dangerous.

Fact – Numerous studies have proven that chiropractic treatments are safe. In fact, having a chiropractic adjustment is safer than many of the most common activities that we participate in such as gazing at the stars or having a salon shampoo.

Myth #2 If you start having chiropractic adjustments you will have to continue to do so.

Fact – Having regular chiropractic adjustments are considered part of a healthy lifestyle choice. However, there is no reason you will have to continue to see a chiropractor and you can stop at any time.

Myth #3 Prescription and non prescription drugs are safer than chiropractic treatment.

Fact – Having an adverse reaction to an over the counter medication or prescription medication is more common than you might think. In fact, it is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Chiropractic care provides a drug free alternative to a number of ailments that is safe and effective.

Myth #4 Chiropractic treatments aren’t effective.

Fact – Millions of people have enjoyed the benefits of having regular chiropractic care. Many famous people take advantage of chiropractic care such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emmit Smith and many others.

Myth #5 Children do not need to have chiropractic adjustments.

Fact – Chiropractic treatments are completely safe for children of every age and that includes babies.

Myth #6 A chiropractor is not a real doctor.

Fact – Chiropractic students receive 4,485 classroom hours of instruction whereas medical students receive 4,240 classroom hours of medical students.

Myth #7 It is safe as well as beneficial to do your own self adjustments.

Fact – Doing self adjustments can bring you temporary relief but there can be a false sense of correcting your problem. Doing self adjustments can lead to arthritis.

Myth #8 When you have an adjustment you will have your bones grinding each other.

Fact – The noise you hear is not your bones grinding. It is the release of CO2 gas from the spine. This is what causes the popping sound you hear following a chiropractic adjustment. There is now a method that is noise free.

Myth #9 It is expensive to have chiropractic treatments done.

Fact – A number of insurance companies are now covering the cost of chiropractic treatments or at least partially cover. Even without coverage seeing a chiropractor isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Myth #10 Chiropractors only fix back problems.

Fact – Chiropractors do much more than fix back problems. They adjust the body and restore homeostatis to the nervous system so that it is functioning properly and that helps the body to be able to fight off other conditions/diseases. Your chiropractor does not claim to heal any condition but he/she is able to make adjustments that can relieve pain in many areas of your body.

Now that you have these 10 months debunked, you should feel better about the safety of chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic adjustments are beneficial for a number of different conditions.

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