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19 Sep More About Pain Treatment

Pain is a natural response of the body to outside-caused injury, or to internal stresses, that alert the body that whatever activity is occurring that instigates the pain ought to be stopped in order to prevent further pain.

The most severe pain that occurs, other than the potential of extreme pain caused by natural childbirth, is usually the result of externally caused trauma, such as a bone fracture from an accidental fall. For this type of severe pain, both the cause of the pain needs to be addressed as well as the pain sensation itself. Addressing the fracture, in this example, is an interventional procedure to x-ray the fractured region in order to assess what bone restorative treatment must be applied to heal the injury and restore use of the body feature affected.

Then the bone needs to be re-set, or the injury may require plates or pins to assist in bone healing. In the meantime, pain treatment medicinal therapy will relieve the pain during the healing process.

Less severe trauma, such as a sprain, ligament or tendon tear, or cut tissue, may also require some medical intervention to treat the cause of trauma, but this will also involve treatment by medicine to apply pain relief during the healing process.

Physical therapy or chiropractic care may be applied as a pain treatment in order to aid healing and promote free movement as the pain subsides.

The primary concept of pain treatment is that for a bodily structure to feel pain, it must have specific nervous system receptors of pain distributed throughout the body. However, some areas of the body have a greater concentration of pain receptors than others. This is primarily due to the sensitivity of the area relative to the trauma that may be caused in those areas by injury, so those areas of the body have a higher concentration of pain receptors in order to warn the body sooner of imminent danger of trauma and pain.

By interview with a patient suffering pain, a pain treatment specialist will be able to determine the location of the pain sensation, what may be at the root of the trauma causing the pain, and how best to apply pain treatment while other treatment applied directly to the trauma is applied to heal the cause of the pain.

Knowing how to diagnose the cause of pain and the best appropriate pain treatment to apply is the function of a medical or chiropractic professional.

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