Pain Relief for Cluster and Tension headaches

02 Aug Pain Relief for Cluster and Tension headaches

Tension headaches are experienced by males and females of all ages and do not have an exact cause that is known. A tension headache has been experienced by over half the population in the last year, and is the type that treatment is sought after the most. An Headache clinic Orange Countyabundance of factors can lead to what is generally called a stress, or “tension,” headache.

This classification of headache is short-lived and mild. Anxiety, eye-strain, skipping a meal, or stress are causes that can lead to the development of a tension headache.

When a headache is recurring up to three times a day over a period of time, it is considered a “cluster headache.” This cluster of episodes can last a few weeks on up to several days. Cluster headaches are usually more prevalent at nighttime and can be seasonal, occurring yearly in spring or fall. Considerably more intense than a migraine, the attacks are thought to be linked with the “biological clock,” or circadian rhythms.

Treatment of Cluster and Tension headaches

Stress management is the recommended treatment for a tension headache. Many studies show that meditative treatments such as deep breathing and breathing exercises may help with pain relief. Patients may try a non-medicinal approach to this type of heaPain Management Orange Countydache by way of acupuncture or massage therapy.

In severe cases with chronic cases of tension headache, medications (such as anti-depressants or anti-convulsants) may be prescribed to lessen the severity of the pain by pain management doctors in Orange County. Cluster headaches have more extreme symptoms such as: nausea, burning sensations on one side of the face with nasal discharge and tearing of the eye, and excessive sweating, and light sensitivity. There are three options for cluster headaches.

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