August 2013

22 Aug Pain Relief for the Elderly

For people over the age of 65 chronic pain may seem like a natural part of aging. Combine this with the multiple medical issues which are also associated with aging and it becomes more clear why chronic pain is often misdiagnosed and under-treated. Headache stock...

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21 Aug Pain Relief for Infants and Toddlers

For decades, it has been a routine practice among pediatricians to administer painful and traumatic procedures to infants and toddlers without any form of anesthesia. Migraine Treatment San DiegoWithin seconds of being born infants are jabbed by an injection of Vitamin K in the thigh...

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20 Aug The Purpose of Pain – Healing the Hurt

Individuals who suffer from chronic pain may have some hope in sight now that researchers and professionals are beginning to discover the important connection between the mind, body, and perception of pain. Pain clinics in San DiegoMany professionals agree that pain is the body’s early...

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